IP Audio System

The Harmonys range features audio sounders, strobes, microphones and manual or remote triggering for broadcasting bells, music, messages and announcements via the IT network.

Harmonys is fast and easy to set up because it uses the existing internet network.

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Wireless Bell System

Melodys is a range of sounders, visual alerts and manually or remotely triggered systems emitting bells and alert messages (such as lock-down alerts) through a wireless network.

This wireless system (radio transmission) is cheap to install because it has no communication wiring.

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3-in-1 Technology System

Speaker. LED display. Flash. It’s a must-have in the product range.
It’s the only system able to combine three devices into one: a speaker, a flash, and an LED display. In addition to the functions provided by a speaker and flash, it displays an accurate and reliable time or a fixed/scrolling text message. All these functions make Harmonys Trio the key system for schools, industries, distribution centres, and organisations open to the public.

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