Harmonys Trio: sound, flash, and LED display

Harmonys Trio is the must-have device of the Harmonys systems. It integrates perfectly this IP audio solution. Designed to cover three times more requirements, it combines 3 devices into 1.

  • speaker for broadcasting alerts, microphone announcements, bells, or streaming audio
  • flash for silent alerts and draw attention to the message displayed.
  • An LED display to show either the time or fixed/scrolling messages

Display time information whenever you want

What better way for a time specialist like Bodet Time than to integrate time into one of its flagship products?

With its red LED, Harmonys Trio can display time information. Optimal viewing distance 16m.. No need for manual programming: each Harmonys Trio is synchronised with a master clock. The time displayed is accurate, reliable and identical accross all the devices. It automatically adjusts for daylight saving time according to the country.

A sound system that also displays the time: now it exists.


Schedule bells, define zones and groups of zones, customise alerts, choose text messages to be displayed, choose to broadcast the time or a message (fixed or alternating), activate the flash or not, stream audio… All combinations of settings are possible thanks to the intuitive Sigma software.

Once the device is installed, you can easily set up your bells, alerts, flash, and messages as needed.

It’s THE solution for risks notification

Schools, businesses and all organisations open to the public must be able to alert everyone on site from outside intrusions, attacks, natural disasters (risk of earthquake, tsunami, flood), health risks, animal intrusions, and much more.
Message. Flash. Bell. The combination of these functions enables Harmonys Trio to alert everyone in an environment.

In these emergency situations, responsiveness makes all the difference. With a simple call to a single predefined number, the GSM control can be used to trigger an alert in your organisation from remote. Across all your Harmonys Trio devices.

A text message (SMS) can also be automatically sent to up to six predefined contacts: police, site manager, and others.

Guarantee the accessibility of information

Harmonys Trio enables to effectively alert everyone, oncluding hearing-impaired individuals.

The flash draws attention to the displayed message and creates a visual alert. It means that everyone receives the same level of information.. Compliant with the information accessibility implemented in many countries.

Fewer devices. Less installation. Less expensive.

  • It’s as logical as that. A speaker, a clock, and a flash all in a single Harmonys Trio: a 3-in-1 device.
    This means significant advantages:

    • Faster and therefore less expensive installation
    • Easier installation with just 1 cable instead of 3
    • more economical solution at half the cost (including installation) of buying 3 separate devices.

    Fewer devices. More functions.

A more planet-friendly system

Fewer devices also means less pollution. Buying a single device instead of three means using less raw material for its production to take advantage of more functions. This ultimately results in less waste.

Fewer devices means less energy consumption. An innovation in the right direction to face environmental issues.

User-friendly interface

Once your system is installed, you can get started in just a few clicks. Everything is done using the Sigma software: configure the Harmonys ecosystem from this ultra-intuitive interface and set schedules for bells whenever you want.

Want to customise your audio messages? Combine Harmonys Trio with a microphone and broadcast your announcements in the zones of your choice. Play your audio messages on a selection of speakers using the microphone, but also using the control box, the Sigma software, your PC or smartphone app, or the remote control.

Alone or together with other devices

Harmonys Trio is part of the Harmonys range of audio systems. It is therefore perfectly compatible with all the devices part of the Harmonys system.

Indoor or outdoor speakers, flash, microphone, control box and remote for triggering alerts or informative messages… you can add functions or options to your installation at any time. That’s the biggest strength of our solution: it scales up to your needs.