LED Digital Clocks: Something New in the Style Range

NTP WI-FI: STYLE CLOCKS MADE MORE SECURE AND EASIER TO CONFIGURE. Bodet Time products now boast a new time synchronisation mode – NTP Wi-Fi. First advantage: security. The commissioning and use of NTP Wi-Fi synchronised clocks involves using encrypted communication together with multiple passwords to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on your network.Second advantage: easy commissioning. The […]

Healthcare sector – enjoy guaranteed time precision, performance and network security. At the highest level.

A split second can change everything If there is one key sector where time really does count, then it’s healthcare. Whether for administering medicines and medical care, for surgical procedures or for efficient internal organisation, then time precision is not merely a requirement – it’s an imperative. And there is now a device that can reliably […]

The Evolution of Intercom

In 1970, intercoms were all about convenience. They made it easy for secretaries to communicate with their boss and for company employees to connect between offices within the same building. At home, parents could simultaneously call kids scattered throughout the home to come to dinner. In the years since intercoms were brought to North America, […]

How Do Analog Clocks Work?

Clocks can be split into two broad categories based on how they display information.Analog, aka mechanical, clocks use moving hands to indicate the current time.Digital clocks, on the other hand, display time as a set of numbers, typically via an LCD or other electronic screen.(It’s technically possible to have an electronic clock with an analog […]