Healthcare sector – enjoy guaranteed time precision, performance and network security. At the highest level.

A split second can change everything

If there is one key sector where time really does count, then it’s healthcare. Whether for administering medicines and medical care, for surgical procedures or for efficient internal organisation, then time precision is not merely a requirement – it’s an imperative. And there is now a device that can reliably provide ultra-precision: the time server.

The administration of medical care, particularly medicines, must adhere strictly to exact dosage requirements. The interval at which medicines are given to patients must be closely monitored in order to avoid overdosage or underdosage, which can in turn have grave consequences. By having access to a reliable and accurate time display, adherence to prescribed dosage is greatly facilitated. Patients benefit from quality care, and are guaranteed to receive the right treatment at the right time. Beyond the obvious human interest, time accuracy can also protect you in the event of possible legal action.

An accurate time display is also vital in operating theatres. During surgery, it is important to monitor the duration of every surgical procedure. In anaesthesia, for example, it is important to administer the anaesthetic at the correct intervals. Or during resuscitation following a cardiac arrest.

Time precision is also useful for performance optimisation within your organisation. A time server facilitates the handover process of medical teams, by creating a precise log of different healthcare information, essential during this process. It also helps you to make efficiency gains in medical appointments and provides synchronisation of patient record databases.

Beyond its many advantages, it also performs its primary task impeccably: it distributes an accurate and identical time display across your entire network of IT equipment (computers, printers, etc.) – and your clocks of course.

Preserving data integrity: essential within the pharmaceutical industry

Healthcare authorities are forever tightening their vigilance in order to ensure compliance with best practice in the pharmaceutical industry. All the more so when it comes to processing digital data (test results, examination results, information about manufacturing, etc.). Known by the abbreviation ALCOA-CCEA (Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate – Complete, Consistent, Enduring, Available), these requirements now oblige individual companies within the healthcare sector to ensure data integrity. And therefore to equip their settings with IT equipment that is sufficiently efficient and reliable.

So how can you fully ensure data integrity? It starts with associating each data item with its precise data and time, known as time stamping. In other words, it means locating the data in time. And to do this properly requires precision – which is why you need a time server. It timestamps each event that occurs on your IT system, for each device, and distributes an accurate time display. It uses its own time base to ensure optimum reliability and security. It is among the technical devices deemed essential for compliance with the ALCOA-CCEA requirements. Bodet can assist you in choosing your time server with its Netsilon range.

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