Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approximate viewing distance for digital clocks?

Viewing distance depends on factors such as digit size, weather conditions, indoors vs outdoors and a person’s vision. A general table of Digit size and viewing distance is displayed below:

Clock Display Sizes in Inches

Approximately 10m Viewing Distance

Approximately 20m Viewing Distance

Approximately 40m Viewing Distance

Approximately 60m viewing distance

Approximately 100m Viewing Distance

Approximately 150m Viewing Distance

How do the clocks receive their power?

The digital clocks include a 220 VAC Adapter. Most clocks also have a 12VDC port or cable available for battery operation. When connected to a battery system – the clocks will run for days and hours on end – depending on the size of the battery.

What is battery back up?

For digital clocks, when the power fails, the display is blanked while the battery maintains the internal time for about ten years. When the power is restored, the correct time will display immediately. All control parameters are stored in non-volatile memory that does not rely on power.

How accurate are digital clocks?

Synchronized clock receivers maintain millisecond accuracy as they constantly synchronize. Standalone clocks, using the internal correction register along with the ultra-high precision oscillator option, can achieve an accuracy of about 1 minute per month.

Which payment methods are accepted?

At LED Clocks we accept EFT or Direct Payments, as well as Paypal payments. Please note that for Paypal payments we will levy an additional 5% fee.

How long will delivery take?

Our normal lead time is 4-6 weeks after receipt of payment. When we have items in stock that you you ordered, the lead time is reduced to approximately 3 days.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After ordering we will place your order with one of our factories and production will begin immediately. As soon as we receive your order back from the factory, and barring full payment has been received, we will immediately ship your order to you.